Monday, July 25, 2011

Office interior renovation - Creating space by partitioning

Partition using gypsum board, aluminium frame and glass are carried out to divide big open space into smaller, various areas ( i.e rooms or offices )
to give privacy, isolation of sound and sight.

From the creation of more areas in the form of extra rooms or offices, concentration on certain activity arising from the privacy of space will take place, thus, enhancing the productivity.

Friday, July 22, 2011

House renovation - Aluminium sliding door

Four-leaf sliding door gives a bigger opening space than three-leaf sliding door.

Glass on the door that comes in panel is meant to reduce the risk when it breaks i.e the glass won't fall in one big piece.

Subframe for the outer frame of sliding door is getting popular. Instead of having the outer frame embedded, subframe is used and the outer frame will be screwed onto the embedded subframe.

In this way, the door and window frames are installed only when the house is ready for occupation and after all the paint work is done. When the house owner decides to change to different types / design of window and door in the future, there is no need for hacking to replace the outer frames.

Office interior renovation - Combination of the opposites

Office interior renovation - The contrast of painting and vinyl gypsum board, laminate and tiles flooring are used in the construction of rooms in this office.

 Each department is being distinguished with colours and board finishing : marketing department wall is made of vinyl gypsum board while the finance and admin departments wall are made of contrasting colours of painting board.

With the concept space planning, each department is allocated with it's own zone ; they are separated but at the same time connected. The sliding door, when closed, separates the departments into different zones ; the contrasting flooring types accentuate the difference.

Why is space planning important? A good space planning brings out the maximum impact of decoration and design on a space.

Office interior renovation - PVC laminate gypsum board partition

Office interior renovation - PVC laminate gypsum board partition for IT department office and server's room.

Raised flooring is used for the computer server room for better cable management where all cables are hidden under it : this will prevent tripping over cable that will disconnect the system, besides giving a neat and organised look.

The use of raised flooring will also improve the air flow in the server room, hence reducing the temperature in the room. If the heat needs to be reduced further, perforated floor panel can be used for that purpose.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Factory renovation - gypsum board partition and ceiling

Factory renovation - PVC laminate gypsum board partition and ceiling for engineering department office.

White colour was specifically requisitioned for the new office.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Office interior renovation - gypsum board partition

Office interior renovation - gypsum board partition for computer server's room

Big piece of clear glass on the gypsum board partition wall and aluminium frame full clear glass door are used to give maximum view of the server room.

Laminate flooring is used so that it is easy to maintain the floor from dust.

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